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Boo-Cuterie Board



– 3-4 mini/petite Real California Bries (use seasonal orange mini-Bries if available) Tricks and Treats – Recommendations: – Dark grapes – Blackberries – Pistachios – Figs (fresh or dried) – Candy corn – Caramel popcorn – Cornichons or olives – Salami – Crackers – Herbs and yellow/orange edible flowers (optional) Equipment: – Mini Halloween cookie cutters (candy corn, skull and ghost shapes shown) – Chopstick :Brie, Petite Boo, Halloween. Cheese
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Use mini cookie cutters to shape and cut out spooky themed images on the seasonal (orange) Brie cheeses. To achieve the look, place the cookie cutter in the center and cut around to have the rind be the image OR use the cookie cutter to cut out the negative space (the rind).

Use the end of a chopstick to puncture holes for eyes, mouths and more.

You can use edible flowers to create a flower crown for your skull or create a gradient color effect for the candy corn.

Tip: It’s easier to cut and shape the Brie when cold. Once cut, you can serve at room temperature.

Recipe and image by Jessica Lawrenz / @mongermoldandmilk