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Cheese Takes a Hike



– Real California aged, hard cheeses∶ Dry Jack, Aged Cheddar, Aged Gouda – Mini salami sticks – Fresh fruit∶ apples, oranges and/or tangerines – Dried fruit∶ mango, apricots, cranberries – Walnuts – Corn nuts – Olives – Seeded/trail mix crackers – Honeycomb :Cheese Pairing, Picnic, Cheese Board, Dry Jack, Cheddar, Gouda, Fruit, Nuts
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Notes from @MongerMoldandMilk:

To me cheese is like the original power bar. Full of protein and fat to fuel your day. Hiking snacks also need to be portable, able to withstand hours in your backpack and easy to eat while moving. You’ll want to pack snacks loaded with healthy carbohydrates, fiber, and protein

When it comes to cheese, aged (at least one year aged or longer) cheese like an aged Cheddar, aged Gouda, or a Dry Jack reserve will hold up during your adventure. When it comes to fresh fruit, stick to apples and oranges, not only do they complement the cheeses but they hold up to the travel in a backpack. Dried fruit like mango strips or dried figs and cranberries also are great options. These fruits naturally occurring sugars add an extra element of hydration and carbohydrates.

In a reusable tiered snack container, pack corn nuts, nuts like walnuts, and olives. These salty snackers are another great source of protein and are easily portable.

Trail mix is an easy go to that will provide a mix of sweet and savory elements that also pair nicely with these cheese options. If you want something a little more adventurous, use trail mix crackers that will give you the flavor and energy that a trail mix provides but can also be used as the vessel for cheese. Beef jerky or mini salami sticks are also a great addition for a cheese hiking break.

Don’t be afraid to pack cheese for your next hiking or camping trip. You can pre-slice for easy eating or use a nifty cheese pocketknife. Properly wrapping and protecting your cheese will ensure it arrives at your campsite or hike break in good condition. Wrap cheeses in cheese paper, or parchment paper if not available. If you are packing for longer than a day hike or it’s particularly hot, you can also cover the wrapped cheese in cling wrap and place in a small cooler bag with an ice pack. The cling wrap will help protect the cheese from getting wet.

Recipe and image by Jessica Lawrenz / @mongermoldandmilk