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Grilled Brie Stuffed Figs with Prosciutto



– 1 dozen fresh California figs – 2 (3-ounce) packs of prosciutto slices – 1 (8-ounce) wheel of Real California Brie, sliced into 12 pieces :Brie, Figs, Prosciutto, Appetizer, Grilling, Cheese
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Prep time: 15 minutes

Cook time: 5-6 minutes

First, prepare the figs. Place a fresh fig upright onto a cutting board, then use a paring knife to remove a small wedge from the fig, creating a pocket to place the Real California Brie. Repeat this step for all the fresh figs.

Working one at a time, tuck a piece of the sliced Real California Brie inside the fig. Then place the fig upright onto a piece of prosciutto. Wrap the prosciutto up and around the base of the fig securing the Real California Brie inside while also creating a pouch for any cheese that escapes once its melted to be captured. If necessary, the prosciutto can be secured with a toothpick.

Preheat the grill to medium – medium low approximately 400F.

Place the wrapped figs upright on one side of the grill, directly onto the hot grill grates. Turn off the heat to the side of the grill underneath the figs and turn the burners on the other side of the grill to high. Continue to cook the figs over indirect heat for 5-6 minutes with the lid of the grill closed until the prosciutto has darkened in color and began to crisp up and the Real California Brie has melted. Serve immediately.

To make Brie Stuffed Figs with Prosciutto in the oven:

Place a sheet pan in a cold oven then preheat to 400F.

Once the oven has preheated remove the sheet pan and place the prepared figs directly onto the hot baking sheet, prosciutto wrapped bottom down.

Roast for 5-6 minutes until the prosciutto is beginning to crisp and the Real California Brie has melted slightly.

Note: Experience a tantalizing blend of sweet, salty, and smoky flavors with this recipe for Grilled Brie Stuffed Figs with Prosciutto. Beautiful fresh figs are stuffed with melty Real California Brie and enveloped in salty prosciutto, then grilled to mouthwatering perfection. This recipe is great on its own as a stunning appetizer, when served as part of a grazing board, or it can also be elevated to main course status by drizzling with honey and serving with lightly dressed leafy greens.

Yield: 6 servings

Recipe Courtesy of James Collier / Paprika Studios